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The Guide to Guides: Getting Started

There are a lot of guides and “how to’s” about starting and running a community broadband organization.  To be honest, it’s a lot to sift through and can be overwhelming, at least that’s how we felt when we started looking into the resources currently available on the internet.  In an effort to triage your reading […]

Hope and Persistence in Tennessee

The municipal fiber provider for Chattanooga, EPB, is confident that change is on the horizon in regards to current broadband legislation. While the company is restricted to selling only 1 Gbps within its town, other surrounding towns continuously request to gain access to their service. Furthermore, local telecom providers continue to exacerbate the digital divide […]

“Homework Zones” in Liberty County Further Education

Technology is the way of the world these days. Everywhere we turn computers, smart phones, and tablets are commonplace. It is hard to imagine a world without them. The world of education proves to be no different. Just in the past two years my old high school jumped on the revolution where every student is to have an […]

Join Us at the “Fiber for the New Economy” Conference Next Week

Jason Longenecker and Ghermay Araya will be conducting a DIY Fiber Mapping workshop at the Broadband Communities, Fiber for the New Economy Conference in Minneapolis, MN.  Our workshop takes place on October 18th from 2-4 PM. Having the ability to provide a timely ballpark estimate for fiber installation allows a broadband operator to qualify leads faster and […]

Pulling the Plug on Pinetops

It is official. Small town America is starting to feel the aftermath of the Sixth Circuit Supreme Court ruling on municipal broadband in Tennessee and North Carolina. The ruling, which barred municipal broadband providers from extending their service outside of their city limits and reaching underserved communities, is hitting communities like Pinetops, North Carolina hard and leaving […]

One Touch Make Ready Proceeds in Nashville…But Not Without Conflict

AT&T has decided to sue the city of Nashville in order to stop a new ordinance designed to accelerate the deployment of Google Fiber’s aerial fiber network in the city. The lawsuit comes a few days after the Nashville’s Metro Council passed a “One Touch Make Ready” rule and Mayor Megan Barry signed the ordinance into […]

Three-Year Anniversary of ConnectED: Where We Stand

September 13th marked the three-year anniversary of President Obama’s ConnectED initiative. The initiative aims to connect 99 percent of America’s students to the Internet through high speed wireless and broadband by 2018. Back in 2013 when it all began only 30 percent of school districts had access to high speed broadband Internet. Today with over 20 […]

Recognition and Advocacy on the Political Forefront

Two weeks ago marked another major step towards progress for local broadband. Representative Anna Eshoo, a democrat from California, has long advocated for the federal government to support Internet network deployment and increase universal access. On September 13th she finally took her convictions on the subject to the Congressional House with the introduction of the […]

Battle of the Broadbands!

We’re all familiar with the ongoing battle between AT&T, the experienced telecom company, its upstart competitor, Google Fiber.  Google Fiber has been pushing hard in several of AT&T’s markets to gain access to poles and for the ability to make improvements without the interference of AT&T and other internet providers.  For their efforts, Google Fiber […]

Staying Cool & Connected Despite Hot Debate

Much of the news covering the FCC’s decision not to appeal the Sixth Circuit’s verdict in North Carolina and Tennessee has painted a disingenuously gloomy picture for the future of municipal broadband. However, the small city of Erwin, Tennessee provides a glimpse of hope in the midst of confusion. Erwin, a small community of 6,000 […]

Lancaster Goes with Municipal Broadband, Revolutionizes City Services

The city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania is teaming up with MAW Communications to install the city’s municipal broadband network. The agreement and network model will be the first of its kind in the state of Pennsylvania. For eighteen years MAW Communications has served educational institutions, local government and telecommunication carriers as a Pennsylvania Public Utility. The […]

Marketing 3: Some innovative ideas

This month, we’ve been reflecting on the importance of marketing for information dissemination, goal communication, and reputation building. In our final entry, we provide a few brief thoughts on innovative marketing strategies. Intelligent marketing is essential for information dissemination – getting work out there that you have a service to provide; goal communication – communicating […]

The Challenges of Texas Law

The State of Texas: where the land is ample, the hats are big, cowboy boots are standard, and the barbecue is delicious. Everything seems to be big in Texas. Everything except community broadband. Texas is one of 17 states that have laws against the implementation of municipal broadband. Arguably, they have some of the strictest […]

A New Face, A New Voice

Greetings fellow Utility LINE readers, followers, and fans! I would like to introduce myself to the Utility LINE community, as I will now be an up and coming blogger here reporting on hot topics, issues, and breaking news in the municipal broadband world. My name is Tegan Crean and I recently graduated summa cum laude from […]

Marketing 2: The experiences of a few cities

This month, we’re fighting off the D.C. heat with some cool commentary on the importance of marketing. Last week, we discussed why marketing is important for your broadband utility, and this week we’re going to take a look at a few experiences that broadband utilities have had with marketing. Next week, we’ll conclude with a […]

Common Connections

I’ve always found traveling to be an overwhelming combination of excitement and exhaustion, never more so than coming home from my most recent trip California.  After a packed week full of meetings and reunions with friends, I found out about 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time that my flight home was cancelled. For future […]

Happy 15th Anniversary NLT Team!

Thank you New Light Technologies (NLT ) Team for all the best efforts that have contributed to this and every year before. Durability, reliability and trust are the values that drive a company towards continued successful operations and for continuing to achieve it year after year. Thank you to our […]

Marketing 1: Why is marketing important for your public broadband utility?

This month, we wrap up summer vacation and segue into fall with some discussion of the importance of marketing your public or community broadband services. Today, we discuss the benefits of marketing. Next week, we look at a few experiences from communities around the country. Finally, in our third entry, we posit a few new, […]

A Google of Opportunities

Google Fiber has had a rough month… First, the news that they are rethinking their business strategy comes out in mid August, then the more recent news that they may be facing layoffs.  Google Fiber has learned the hard way, that building a gig network is expensive and not necessarily a straightforward operation. But let’s […]